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It's a very strange experience to jump up in an elevator just as it starts its descent downward. The floor isn't where you expect it to be, which leads to a momentary sensation of vertigo before your feet finally find solid ground. Don't ask me why but I never really noticed this until Saturday night. I never intended this to be a metaphor, although now that I've typed it out I can see the connections that would turn it into one.

On that subject, my relationship predicaments would appear to be resolved now that both Violet and Wendy have said they're either not interested or unavailable - yet that isn't necessarily the case. I haven't mentioned anything about it here in my journal, but a girl has told me within the past two weeks that she's in love with me. She works as an external auditor and is very interested in archaeology but lives on the other side of the ocean. A minor detail, if you'll allow me a bit of understatement. Oddly enough, her name also starts with the twenty-second letter of the alphabet. However, considering how my affection for Violet and Wendy hasn't diminished over the last few days it's hard to view this situation in quite the same way as those other two.

Yesterday I had a five hour discussion with Derek that covered everything from the Quechua language of Peru to what kind of taxes the government would impose on marijuana were its growth and sale legalized (plus which corporations would most likely take control of the market over time), as well as the anthropology of religion, the boredom of attending archaeology lectures, East Asian foreign relations (he defended Japan while I took the side of Korea and, to a lesser degree, China), and the etiquette involved in cleaning when one is an infrequent guest compared to a common visitor at a particular residence. It sounds like I rank higher on his list than everyone else who doesn't live at the apartment in that regard, which was nice to hear.

Oh, and Strasbourg lost over the weekend as well ... merde.

le mans 1-2 strasbourg
[ RC Strasbourg 1:2 Le Mans FC ]
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