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I've gotten seven hours of sleep in the last three nights, and unfortunately this got in the way of my plans for the morning. While talking with Yuka the day after Valentine's she asked how I had spent the day, and after hearing that I had bought flowers for "two of my friends" she mentioned that nobody had done anything for her that day. My response was to joke with her about how she should wait until White Day, as the chances were good that somebody would bring flowers for her then.

White Day isn't technically until next Tuesday, but because that falls during the same week as spring break at our university it seemed like a good idea to take care of everything today. I was supposed to wake up early in order to walk over to a grocery store to buy flowers for Yuka (I have no idea if Pullman even has a florist), but because I was up until five in the morning discussing anthropology with a couple of people my willingness to start the day earlier than usual was severely curtailed. Luckily for me flowers aren't the only acceptable gift one can give for the occasion, and I stopped by a store on campus to buy a box of Godiva chocolates instead - and between the gold coloration of the box and thick green ribbon wrapped around it the purchase seemed fairly well-suited to a March holiday. I also had a small card prepared for Yuka - complete with "Happy White Day" written out with katakana inside - which was hastily prepared in the ten minutes separating my first and second classes.

When offering my gift to Yuka she kept asking what could possibly be inside, to which I replied that she could always open it to find out - because it's either that or let it sit on a bookcase for thirty years wondering about the mysteries within. She read the card first and was surprised to see that I had remembered our conversation from a month before, as well as extremely happy to find that the box contained chocolate. I suppose it wasn't so bad that I didn't have flowers with me after all? Once she saw the chocolatier's brand she commented on how I had gone too far out of my way for her, but after seeing her delight at the gesture and hearing how she hasn't received any White Day gifts since elementary school I knew it was worth every cent.

Putting a smile on someone else's face is one of the best things ever.
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