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an unimportant homework update

I just finished my cultural ecology paper on nomadic pastoralism as seen in Chukchi reindeer herders and Kazakh multispecialized herders, although it doesn't exactly meet the length requirements. Our paper is supposed to be "1500 words (about six pages double-spaced)" yet mine is a smidgen over six pages and 2083 words. Oh well, it's not like she's going to count every single word to make sure we haven't gone over.

Next up is my paper on the role of oral tradition in archaeological research, which is due in twelve hours. I would have started on this one first, but the late policy for my cultural ecology paper was much more daunting - with 10% taken off for papers turned in at the end of class, a 20% reduction for anything turned in at the end of the day, and an additional 10% taken off for each day after. Of course, this archaeology paper is supposed to be 15% of my grade, so I shouldn't slouch on it, either. Tell me again why I didn't start on these sooner ... crikey.

Chukchi portrait, Mainapilgino 453_o
[ Chukchi pastoralists ]

Update: There's a layer of snow covering the ground from the flurry we received earlier in the day, and although the temperature has "only" dropped to -7°C (19°F) the wind is more than making up for it - with gusts reaching 78 km/h (48 mph). As much as I might want to stay here in the Compton Union Building for the entire night I will eventually have to walk home at some point, if only to print out my papers.

Update2: Ten minutes before six o'clock and I've finally finished both papers. Hallelujah.
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