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medical ward

As a kid I was always under the impression that the middle of winter - December and January - was the time when people were most likely to fall ill. Obviously there are all sorts of maladies that can operate at other times of the year, and the hemispheric division of the planet plays a role as well, but that still doesn't keep me from wondering about the number of friends and acquaintances who haven't been feeling well recently.

A graduate student from the anthropology department is serving as a teaching assistant for my archaeology class and she caught a virus so severe that she's spent the past five days in the hospital with, among other things, splitting migraines. Vivian has had shingles for a couple of weeks now, while Inok came down with dengue fever and yellow fever at the same time late last month. Isabelle, Alexandra, and Linda haven't been feeling well recently either. You can probably understand my apprehension then when I heard Yuka and Violet start coughing during the middle of last week. My immune system has rarely let me down when it comes to attacking colds or the flu, so I'm not worried about the two of them passing me a version of whatever they have, but it can't be any fun to be sick the week before spring break when professors are assigning papers and scheduling exams.

This might be ironic considering my last entry but I do hope that you all take care, and if you aren't feeling that great let me know and I'll bring by a bowl of soup (or possibly just mail you a can of condensed clam chowder, since we probably don't live very close to one another).
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