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bombyx mori + anthropology

I spent three hours in the university's Insect Ecology Laboratory this afternoon preparing food and storage cups for the first group of silk worm larvae that were crawling around their petri dish. By the time I left for the day it looked like half of the 200 eggs had hatched, so we should have a large enough population to test a number of lighting, temperature, and humidity variables. The eggs also came with several one pound bags of mulberry leaf powder, which can be mixed with water and then boiled to make food suitable for the larvae. We used chemical jars in a lab microwave to heat the meal solution, and the smell after we opened the microwave door immediately made me think of guinea pig droppings (or plumeria incense, which my nose treats as a similar odor). Hmm. Once the meal cooled down I also moved some of the more active larvae into cups by delicately picking them up with a paintbrush - it didn't take long to establish a technique of swipe, dangle, and swab to transfer the silk worms from one home to the other, although doing all 200 at once might have been a chore.

Biological anthropology exams were handed back today, with 72% listed as the class average. Our instructor was disappointed at the number of people who missed the question on evolution, as he's mentioned the definition in class at least once a week since the start of the semester. While explaining this to the class he actually stopped talking, sighed, and let out a very audible fuck before continuing again. How hard can it be to remember "change in the genetic structure of a population" when it's repeated so often?

I think my archaeology dig report is going to be 20 pages; I should probably go back to working on that now.

[ ETA @ 12:39 AM ... Wendy came to visit me at the café tonight and she brought gifts with her! ]
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