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A couple of weeks ago, during one of our telephone conversations, Wendy mentioned how she was worried by the amount of time I was spending with Violet. I tried to get her to explain what she meant, and the reply was that she was afraid I would get hurt. How was that going to happen if we were such good friends though?

I stopped by Derek's place last night to drop off a homework assignment we'd been given in class and stayed around to talk with Josten (another of the people living at the apartment) about European soccer while also devoting some extra time to my archaeology dig report. At 9:30 Josten asked if Violet was working late, but that seemed unlikely since the Social Science Research Center had closed thirty minutes earlier. Violet and Victoria both came by the apartment a little later, but things felt a lot different than what they had been like prior to the start of the President's Day weekend - Violet didn't act very interested in talking with me, and at one point she even walked away while I was replying to a question she had asked, later saying that she didn't even realize I was talking. The only time she actually seemed interested in my being there was when she wanted someone to play a video-game with her, so she tapped my leg to get my attention before asking if I'd join her. Obviously I shouldn't expect to be the center of her attention, but it's never fun to feel ignored.

Yesterday was the longest day I've had in quite some time - literally. I went to bed at 12:30 in the morning, woke up at 4:00 from the loud snoring of the guy living next to me, fell asleep again at 5:30, and was brought back to consciousness at 7:00 by Sue's brother rolling his computer chair across a hardwood floor in the room above mine. Throughout the day I found myself sitting next to students who spent the entire class rapidly shaking one leg or the other as though they were trying to remove ants from their pants. What's the deal with people doing that anyway - is it muscle spasms? They have both feet planted on the floor, then suddenly start jiggling their leg up and down like they no longer have any control over their body. I don't think a day goes by without at least one person in each of my classes displaying this behavior, but since I can't recall ever doing it myself the reasons behind it are a mystery to me.

My main problem is that I have an incredibly hard time concentrating on lectures and taking notes with so much movement taking place in my peripheral vision - however, the thought of actually asking someone to stop makes me feel very uncomfortable, so I suppose I'll just have to deal with it. Despite my lack of sleep the previous night I didn't get home until 3:30 this morning - no surprise then that I was out as soon as my head hit the pillow.
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