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no answer

I think I might have failed my archaeology exam this morning. Or scored a [ C- ], which isn't all that different. On the other hand, my America Before Columbus class has taught me the most efficient way to skin and process all the meat from a buffalo should I ever need to perform such a feat. Barbecue at my place this weekend? Two of the exams I took last week in my other anthropology classes were handed back yesterday; I scored a 96% on one and a 98% on the other.

Wendy called me not too long ago. She expected me to be at a café waiting for Violet to finish with work, and the idea of doing homework over there tomorrow isn't such a bad idea. Odd how a room full of people talking late at night is much more conducive to studying then sitting at home by myself in the middle of the afternoon. The fact that they greet me by name and automatically know what to make me could be a sign that I've spent too much time there already, but I've seen too many episodes of Cheers to find it strange. During our conversation I hinted to Wendy that I had a question to ask her - "There was something I forgot to say on Friday. Do you like me?"

Her response?
"No answer."
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