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While waiting for Violet to finish her physics lab this past Friday I received a phone call from Wendy as she was on her way back to Seattle. I was on the sixth floor of Orton Hall at the time and our connection was dropped six times in quick succession, which led Wendy to accuse me of hanging up on her repeatedly. We're constantly teasing each other about the 'mean' things we do so it's not something to be taken very seriously. In fact, as long as she still has one of my movies at her apartment it's an argument I can always win.

Wendy eventually asked about my plans for the weekend, and when she heard that I was staying in town her next question was what Violet was doing for our three days off from class. Except she didn't actually ask like that. Despite only spending one night together Wendy can remember Katie's name without any problems, but she still refers to Violet as "the Hong Kong girl" - which might be from forgetfulness or perhaps something more; it's hard to say. I told Wendy that Violet was visiting friends in Ellensburg and she wanted to know why Violet hadn't invited me to go with her. There were any number of good reasons behind her decision, but following my explanation of that fact Wendy suggested that Violet must like me quite a bit and asked ... "Do you like her?"

Now, while there are plenty of times when you'll see me try to change the subject or give a roundabout reply to avoid answering a question this one was important enough to deserve a direct response - Yes, I do - but also an additional statement - but I like someone else as well. This seemed to pique her interest, especially when Wendy heard that she was the second person on my mind. She wanted to know what I was going to do about the situation, although my own confusion in the matter meant I wasn't able to give her a very good answer.

Wendy then asked what I would do if Violet said she liked me, so I told her that it would make me think of us being in a relationship. I was also asked what I would do if Wendy said that she liked me, and my reply was that I would feel the same way. However, this set up a scenario of what I would do if I found that they both liked me and once again I was forced to confess that I didn't have a clue. There was a pause in our conversation before Wendy interrupted the silence with, "So it depends on which girl says she likes you first?" Perhaps.

Violet showed up while we were talking but missed the important details when she went out to wash her hands. At the end of our conversation Wendy thanked me for making her laugh and putting her in such a good mood; she called later that night to let me know that she'd made it to Seattle safely, as well as on Saturday and earlier this afternoon. Meanwhile, I haven't heard from Violet since she left for Ellensburg, although I talked with Victoria earlier today and heard that she was at Wendell and Derek's apartment last night, cooking and in high spirits.

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