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This weekend has been an incredibly lazy one. Apart from spending five hours at the library this morning with Yuka - going over the study guide for our archaeology exam this Wednesday - and finishing up a worksheet for cultural ecology the only other thing of note from this weekend is that I've spent the last three nights at home. Well, there were also some conversations with Vangie involving the different ways in which two people can halik, with an emphasis on french, labi, and leeg. We can talk about the details some other time though.

I was looking forward to having some blood orange sorbetto this afternoon, but with Violet out of town for the university holiday it should come as no surprise that we skipped our customary trip to Moscow to buy crickets at the pet store and groceries from the local food co-op. We both signed up for membership cards on our last visit; a good investment if we continue to spend as much money on quiche, fresh bread, and hot drinks. The past few weeks have seen Violet call me once she's finished with work to see where I am and to ask if she should pick me up or meet me somewhere. Now that an interruption has crept into our schedules I have no idea what to expect anymore - the answer to that probably lies in whether or not I receive a phone call at nine o'clock tomorrow night, but we shall see.

Wendy won't return to Pullman until Wednesday, so this could turn out to be a very long and lonely week. I've noticed that it's incredibly hard for me to concentrate on my readings while I'm at our house; when I was constantly spending time with Violet it was easy to either cram all my studying into a few, short hours while she was at work or over a longer period of time during our trips to the Zoe Café. There are too many distractions and annoyances for me to get anything done at home, which is more than a little disappointing.

Not that I mind the distraction of seeing Diané score for Strasbourg:

strasbourg kiss
18.02.2006 Toulouse FC 1:2 RC Strasbourg
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