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almost lost

My diaryland entry from exactly 2 years, 12 hours, and 32 minutes ago in response to this event:

* * * *
i'm crying right now, and i don't know if i can stop.

you see, there was a man. he was taking the subway in Taegu, South Korea. he had a plastic container and a cigarette lighter with him. he was also fairly patient - he waited until another train was coming, from the opposite direction.

and it turns out that the container held gasoline. it turns out that he sprayed it around and started a fire. it turns out that there are over 150 people dead. it turns out that more than 100 people are in the hospital suffering from burns and suffocation caused by smoke inhalation. it turns out that there are still more than 150 people missing.

and it turns out that Hyuen Jung was in Taegu.

i tried to call her this morning, but no one answered. i waited and called again, but still without anyone picking up. on the third attempt - she answered.

i love you Hyuen Jung and i don't want to lose you.
* * * *

Because sometimes it's important to remember the bad along with the good. The thought of losing something can make you appreciate it all the more once you find it again; although in this situation my joy at regaining that which might have been lost is tempered with the knowledge that it's been so long since the last time we spoke. Her current life is a mystery to me, an unwritten book, or a forest bird that can be heard but never seen. But that doesn't mean I can't care, even now.
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