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night four, etc.

If anyone remembers the events of this entry from earlier in the semester, the following post is meant as a continuation of events involving Violet, Victoria, myself, and a few others.

To condense things down, following the happenings of that Sunday night I made an offer to wait for Violet as she finished with work the next day so that if any problems came up with Victoria during that period there would be someone there to drive her home. As it was we all went out to the Zoe Café to talk about our situation, and while there Victoria went on and on about how it was "obvious" that I liked her - which was hardly the case, but she wasn't willing to listen to any of my objections on the matter. Violet tried to explain some of her position to Victoria, and in return Victoria said she would do her best to respect Violet's feelings. In a way it felt like my presence at the café was only required in case things went wrong, but this isn't to say that I'm complaining about my role as a moderator or chaperon.

However, to make things more interesting, the following night Victoria called me because she wanted to have dinner and discuss a few things with me. Our schedules didn't work out for that to happen, so instead we planned on meeting at the school the next morning to share breakfast. That night I shared the news of our rendez-vous with Violet (which wasn't very difficult since I was occupying a space on her floor at the time), and in the chill of the next morning I met Victoria at the university's cafeteria. Our conversation started off with a bit of the usual small-talk before I was asked about my feelings for Victoria.

I said that I had been attracted to her on the previous Friday but added that my initial feelings didn't necessarily equate with having a crush on her, as we'd only spent time together for a few hours that night. When asked the same question Victoria said that she did like me and that I was the nicest boy that she'd ever met. She then went on to say that she was more interested in having a relationship with Wendell (Violet's former boyfriend) instead. On a personal level I didn't really mind the focus of her affections, as the more I heard Victoria talk the more annoying she became - a trait that still holds true today. I didn't make any explicit connections at the time, but she is the Jamaican girl who I debated with during a game of Cranium concerning which side of the road people in Jamaica use to drive. The problem with Victoria's decision is that it wouldn't make things any easier for Violet, who had pretty much resigned herself to seeing the two of them together by that point. Not that this made her (or me) feel any better about things.

Later that night, as Violet and I were talking in her dorm room, she told me how glad she was to have me as a friend and that she really appreciated my being there to help. We talked about how Wendell was too blind to see what he was losing by pushing Violet away from his life, and after that I listened as Violet made a list of the different people she could see herself dating. Two of them were physics students from Cal-Tech who were friends with Wendell, two more were physics students at WSU who were also friends with Wendell (one is already married and was automatically discounted from further consideration after his nomination), and the last person to make her list was Derek - Wendell's brother. With everyone related in the same way it makes me a little curious as to what criteria she used to construct her list, but I knew better than to actually ask about the details influencing her decision. We talked for a while longer after that before gradually drifting off to sleep some time around four in the morning ...
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