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Tuesday night saw a Valentine's Day dinner involving just Violet, Wendy, and myself. In fact, after our food had been served the other group of people at the restaurant finished and left - leaving us as the only customers in the building. Once again our service was slow, and during a conversation of what kind of job I should have - don't ask me why they thought this was an interesting topic - Wendy told me that I should go and get us more hot tea. She joked about how, if I did a good job, she would hire me after we had both graduated - so I went up to the front counter and waited until one of the owners came out to fill the pot up with more boiling water. After filling up everyone's cups Wendy said "thank you", but when I tried to give her a "you're welcome" in reply she stopped me and pointed out how I should be the one thanking her for "giving me work". And she wonders why I tease her about being so mean.

Also, I have no idea where it came from, but I have a large bruise on the inside of my right arm that must be the size of a dollar bill. The only thing that came to mind was the possibility that Violet has been beating me up during the middle of the night, but that isn't a very serious theory. When I asked Yuka how she had spent her Valentine's Day she told me that she hadn't done anything at all, and after hearing about my gift of flowers to both Violet (who she has a class with this semester) and Wendy she made a comment of how no one had bought any for her. It isn't too long before White Day, so maybe she'll get a surprise on 14 March ...
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