PiU (samedi) wrote,

tangerines in the sea of penang

Yesterday was an incredibly busy day - I woke up at nine o'clock in the morning, went home to shower and change, took my biological anthropology exam, went to our archaeological dig site at eleven o'clock and spent the next 90 minutes plotting artifacts and recording northing and easting data, ran over to catch my entomology professor for a 45 minute meeting concerning the silk worms that we'll soon be receiving, met someone for a briefing at my new job, rushed to be on time for a study session with Aya for our cultural ecology class, made a quick trip over to a café for a second study session with Ling for an exam in a different archaeology class, had Violet offer to pick me up after she was done with work at nine o'clock, helped her make dinner - clam chowder and biscuits - before sharing a dessert of walnut mocha gelato and blood orange sorbetto, watched The Life of David Gale, and made it back to Violet's dorm by one o'clock to get some sleep in preparation of my exams today.

The exams today were much easier than the one I took yesterday (despite being for a higher-division course), and during a break in my schedule I returned some overdue library books on Saami and Inuit culture, plus I also bought two white roses from a booth on campus during the course of the afternoon - one for Violet and one for Wendy. I caught Violet as she was walking to her car to leave for work (oddly enough Victoria was at a nearby basketball court by herself as Violet approached, so she was very confused over what was going on) and she told me she'd brought her chess set with her so that we could play a few games at the café after she was finished with work. She also mentioned going out to eat with Tsukasa (the girl who drove me to Pullman when my car broke down over the winter break), Katie (Violet's high school friend from Hong Kong), and Wendy (if she accepted my invitation) after finishing work. I walked over to Wendy's apartment and woke her up as I knocked on the front door - she asked for thirty minutes to make herself decent and we met at a nearby café once again. She really liked the rose and said she'd find a gift for me in return during her trip to Seattle over the President's Day weekend.

We ran back home to grab our respective notebooks and now Wendy and I are both at the café. I heard one person comment on how it was "Single's Awareness Day" over the phone to a friend, but that doesn't mean it has to be a horrible realization. I've been enjoying the day so far.
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