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For a school that's supposed to be highly regarded for it's archaeology program I find it a little unusual that I've been able to see more guest speakers lecturing on biology than anthropology in the past five months. Additionally, while reading ahead in my Anth 331 class I chose the chapter on the Northwest Coast tribes and found that one of my current professors is cited once in the chapter and has three works included in the book's bibliography; meanwhile an instructor at my former community college is cited at least five times within the chapter and has three works of his own included in the bibliography.

South Puget Sound Community College may not be a very well-known school, but I like knowing that the teachers at the college are recognized for the work they've done in their respective fields rather than derided for not teaching at a more 'established' institution. All three of my anthropology teachers were Ph.D holders - one in archaeology, one in linguistics, and one in biological anthropology (with an emphasis on Polynesian cultures) - and I know they're not the only faculty members to hold such an advanced degree.

During class on Thursday I also heard my Cultural Ecology professor comment on how it's very rare to see a cultural geography class offered at an American university, as the discipline isn't considered as important here as it is on the other side of the Atlantic. But wouldn't you know, I took a cultural geography class at my community college as well. Crazy.
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