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I went to the speed dating event last night at the request of a housemate, who was dismayed at the uneven ratio of girls to boys. There were eleven people from each sex and each pair was given three minutes to converse before moving to the next person in line. Most of the girls were freshmen, and four of them were also from the city of Pullman. Interesting. My fake fiancée was also there, but her reasons for attending didn't include a search for romance. I wrote down the names of two girls, and if they wrote down my name as well the event organizers will contact us with the corresponding contact information - not that my life isn't complicated enough that I need to go looking for further trouble right now. If nothing else I suppose it serves as good practice at making a decent first impression?

In the last week I've made or helped to make double-fried plantains, bananas foster, and two types of pasta. Wendy drove back to Seattle last weekend to buy a second property and while she was gone she caught another illness-inducing virus. I was supposed to stop by her apartment yesterday but she was already in bed by the time I called at seven o'clock and wouldn't let me come over, as, according to her, she'd need to get up and take a shower first. I told Wendy that I thought she would look pretty even without the shower but she wasn't hearing any of it. She's going back to Seattle this weekend as well, and if it weren't for some previously-arranged study groups in preparation for next week's exams I would have offered to do all the driving myself. Still, Wendy promised to call me once she's home so I'll know that she's alright.

Twice this week I've received a string of compliments from other people. One was from the teaching assistant of my biological anthropology class, who said that my lab reports were worthy of being turned into manuals due to how neatly I wrote in even the tiniest spaces and that my worksheets were always right (my scores have been 105% and 103% for the two graded labs so far), which was a sentiment echoed by two students standing next to him at the time. The other compliment came from Victoria, who must have spent five minutes telling me how much she liked how I smelled and asking what I'd been using in the shower (as that's where I had been less than thirty minutes before). It's probably not the most common compliment for a guy to hear, but it's a compliment all the same.
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