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I spent eight hours in a café yesterday and now my clothes reek of coffee. I don't know if I particularly enjoy the new fragrance, but at least I was able to get a lot accomplished while I was gone. Concentrating on two classes (Cultural Ecology and America Before Columbus) has left me a month ahead in my reading for them both, and I also got a start on my Biological Anthropology reading later in the night. I went there to study with Violet in the afternoon, stayed while she was at work, and kept going after she came back at nine; we didn't leave for home until midnight. My worries of being behind in class have been transformed into satisfaction that I have everything taken care of through the middle of March. Unfortunately, this does mean that I missed a guest lecture that I had been looking forward to for more than a week - although the subject matter ("Sexual Conflict in Stalk-Eyed Flies") may not appeal to everyone.

I have one exam on the day before Valentine's Day as well as a meeting with my entomomlogy professor planned. I have two exams on Valentine's Day. I have a "discource presentation" two days after Valentine's Day. It's a good thing I don't have anything planned for the traditional day of hearts and roses -- although I was asked to participate in a speed-dating event being organized at the university. However, if sharing information is one of the cornerstones of the event then having a shy individual (like myself) participant might not be the best idea.

It's been sunny here over the past few days, but the wind has been fairly strong as well, with gusts of up to 50mph recorded over the weekend. There's a gravel trail behind the campus that meanders through a grove of thin-trunked coniferous trees with little ground vegetation - mostly thinned patches of browning grass - and a series of lamp posts at regular intervals. Seeing the scene at night makes me think of how I always envisioned the transition between the wardrobe and Narnia featured in the C.S. Lewis novel. While walking along the trail late on Sunday night I could hear not only the subtle crackling of the gravel beneath my feet but also the sound of two or three owls, located on either side of me, calling out to each other. It was a unique experience, and it made me glad to have stayed out as late as I did that night.
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