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night one

Our university here in Pullman holds an event at the beginning of each semester (called "Up All Night") that gives students the opportunity to use the game center for free (which is good if you like billiards or bowling) and some of the student organizations also sponsor events, such as the KSA holding a video game competition last semester or the Taiwanese Student Association providing free bubble tea this semester. The evening's festivities usually start at eight o'clock and things don't wind down until two or three in the morning, which leaves plenty of time to peruse the various areas. I went last semester but hadn't put much thought into going a fortnight ago despite the enticement of free boba for my troubles. However, after receiving a phone call from Violet inviting me to play pool with her and a few friends I changed my tune and headed over to the university campus ...

Upon my arrival I was introduced to Stephen (19) and Victoria (20), who were Violet's companions for the evening, and later learned that Victoria was an international student from Jamaica while Stephen was her main romantic interest at the school. So far, so good. We played two rounds of pool and a very close game of bowling (I finished third with 5 fewer points than Victoria in first) before Violet suggested we head over to S83 to see what was going on at the apartment. There were quite a few people present and a decent assortment of alcohol on offer, which Stephen was quick to sample. It probably wasn't more than three hours later that he was exposing himself for all to see and throwing up all over himself before blacking out and falling asleep in a nearby chair. Hopefully he learned a lesson in self-control from the experience, but the jury's still out on that one.

Everyone had consumed a few drinks by that point, and while I was talking with Violet, Wendell, and Victoria in the hallway of the apartment Victoria leaned back and to the side so that she was resting her body against my shoulder. In response I put my arm around her waist (presumably to help prevent her from falling over, although you can draw your own conclusions if you'd like) and we stayed like that for the rest of the night. When the sun started to peek through the window-blinds we decided to call it a night, and with only so much furniture to choose from Victoria and I chose a spot on the floor behind a couch to catch some sleep. Victoria had to work later in the morning and it was my job to make sure she was up in time to catch the bus across town. I walked with her out to the nearest bus stop and while we were on our way to her workplace Victoria mentioned how she wanted to do something with Wendell and Violet the next evening, so I asked for - and received - her phone number before we reached her stop in order to call and see what the plans would turn out to be. That seemed to cover everything, so after Victoria left for work I took the bus around again to go home for breakfast and a brief nap.

But oh, if only that had been it ...
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