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Another three days without sleeping at home. The girl who was hurt is Violet. I haven't done any reading for classes in close to a fortnight. Wendy invited Violet and myself over to her apartment for dinner, which should take place in the next few days. I have a 61 page selection of documents that I need to read in order to write a six page paper due this Thursday. It's been a week but Violet started crying during the middle of the night on Friday. I made quite a few calls on Lunar New Year and used four different languages in the process. Some movies I'd ordered finally arrived. I spent time in a pet store over the weekend. Saturday night was fantastic - dinner with a large group of friends including Tsukasa, Violet, and Wendy (but also Wendell and Victoria, who you will no doubt hear about later). According to a weather report wind gusts over the weekend reached 40 mph. While playing Cranium I got into a disagreement with a Jamaican girl over which side of the road people drive on in Jamaica - interestingly, I was right and she was wrong. Cheesecake and raspberry chai are both delightful. I feel so exhausted.
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