PiU (samedi) wrote,


So much has happened in the past ten days. I went to an anthropology club meeting last week and heard some incredibly interesting stories from a professor relating to coprolites and palynology (which might develop into my doing archaeological + entomological research next year). A good friend had to go through an emotionally painful experience involving her ex-boyfriend and a friend/coworker over the weekend; it's been eight days since I last slept in my own bed, as I've been spending the night over there to help if she needs anything. Events seem to suggest something approaching the form of a love trapezoid - or even a hypercube - rather than the more traditional triangle. A new café opened here in town recently with absolutely delicious raspberry hot chocolate. I kissed Wendy on the cheek at the start of the week. A physics major tried to argue with me on whether insects are in the phylum Chordata. It started snowing in Pullman again. I had my first exam today in archaeology. One of my professors from last semester said she's going to nominate me for an anthropology scholarship. Life keeps moving forward ...
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