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architecture in helsinki

While at the library looking for books on Saami (or Sápmelaš) ecological strategies I received a phone call from Wendy and she asked if I would be interested in going out to dinner with her tonight. She picked me up from the university campus and we went to a restaurant in town - where Wendy brought a notebook in with her, telling me that it contained something that she wanted to share with me.

The notebook was a collection of the architectural work that Wendy has done and included everything from the bar design that she built in Seattle last semester to a series of twenty-unit townhouses that she'll be presenting to a prospective client on Saturday and a number of office buildings and exposition designs that she was hired to design and construct while in Beijing. While my knowledge of engineering and interior design is extremely limited I was still quite impressed with the floor plans, computer simulations, and photographs that Wendy had brought with her to dinner; there's even the chance they wouldn't look out of place if featured in Wallpaper* magazine's architectural briefs.

Of course, after seeing the townhouse designs I made a remark about having Wendy build a house for me once I was finished with school and settled, which led her to joke about what she would charge for such a service. "I would give you a discount ... a really, really big discount. Actually, I would probably do it for free!" We spent some time after dinner discussing our classes over tea, and on the way back to Wendy's car I noticed that she still has the stuffed animal (well, creature) that I won for her at the Spokane County Fair sitting in the back seat. This is even more surprising given that we went to the fair at the start of September and Wendy has sold her old car since then.

And now I get to spend some quality time with Endangered Peoples of the Arctic: Struggles to Survive and Thrive, Arctic Identities: Continuity and Change in Inuit and Saami Societies, and Archaeology: Discovering Our Past (3rd Edition). Not that I mind; I'm actually looking forward to the reading.
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