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I find it a little odd that I wrote an entry about my trip back to Pullman and forgot to mention the event that prompted me to do so in the first place:

Tsukasa asked what was wrong with my car, and after explaining the situation to her she asked what kind of car I drive. When she heard that I own a Peugeot her eyes brightened with interest and she informed me that her mom drove an old Peugeot for several years and one problem they noticed is that the engine would frequently stall at intersections - and oh, how I can relate to that experience. However, despite the inconvenient quirk Tsukasa's mother kept her car for several years before replacing it - with another Peugeot.

In other news, I reorganized some things in my room after my biological anthropology lab today. I'm keeping all my books and notes from last semester and didn't bring anything back to my parents' house over the break, yet I still managed to compact things enough to generate five empty boxes. Once I get rid of the extra bags and 18 inch stack of newspapers it should look pretty nice in here again. Now if only my parents would let me work on the mess in their garage ...
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