PiU (samedi) wrote,

kangaroo leather

I should be asleep right now. In approximately sixty minutes I need to wake up (assuming I fall asleep, which is unlikely) and get everything ready so that I can accompany my mom on her drive to work in the morning. Instead, I've spent the last four or five hours laying in bed awake - worrying about the trip back to school this weekend. I always feel terrible when it comes to imposing on others. Even if I were to find someone willing to look at the Peugeot I'm not sure that I would trust it on the drive back to school. After a week of driving it around town perhaps, but not on such short notice. I don't appear to have much choice in the matter though.

However, thinking back to earlier in my evening still brings a smile to my face. A game of 20 Questions where I was able to guess the right answer with one question to spare - and a process which allowed me to ask:

"Does it come from a cow's head?"
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