PiU (samedi) wrote,

a funny thing happened on the way to the forum

The Peugeot stalled at an intersection on my way to meet umilicious for lunch yesterday and no amount of effort on my part could get it to start again. Rather strange considering how I was able to drive across town by way of the freeway the night before. Still, a police cruiser eventually arrived to push me out of harm's way and into a nearby parking lot - or the entrance of one anyway; I still had to push the Peugeot into a stall with Luana assisting from behind the wheel.

If nothing else we were next to the Mayan Restaurant, so we went there for lunch instead. While we were eating our waiter came by and asked if everything was going well for "the señor and señora" - which led Luana to later comment on how she didn't want to be a señora yet. However, with Luana's daughter there it's always possible that our waiter thought we were married with our own family - resulting in his use of the older, more respectful female form over the less polite señorita. Or maybe he really did think she looked older than 24.

After lunch I stopped by the library to see if my mom would be willing to try jump-starting my car on her break, but in an odd case of timing she had decided to take the bus to work that day. This gave me five hours to kill before she'd be finished with work, and the first thing I did was walk over to buy myself a drink from Bubble Island while it was still early in the day. Along the way a former coworker waved at me as she was driving by and, after spending an hour at the music store, I saw another past employee in the parking lot as she came running over to catch me. Funny how a serious problem can result in positive side effects.

Unfortunately the battery charger that my mom owns wasn't able to do much for the Peugeot. We called a tow truck and had the car brought back to my parents' house, where it's sitting as I write this. Our tow truck driver commented on how it sounded like a battery problem (which may involve the alternator), but the key doesn't seem to work in the ignition the way it should, so that may also be something to look into as well. It seems as though I just don't have any luck at all when it comes to the Peugeot.

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