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Despite my plans to do a fair bit of reading over the winter break this hasn't actually been the case. The copies of The Mysterious Flame of Queen Loana by Umberto Eco and We Are All Suspects Now by Tram Nguyen have been sitting in the same box they were packed in two weeks ago, while I've only just started the ninth chapter of Moby Dick. However, after finding that the Bubble Tea Station has mysteriously vanished I stopped by Barnes & Noble and was quite surprised to see that Arturo Pérez-Reverte's Captain Alatriste has finally been translated into English. It was originally written in 1995, but even with the popularity of The Flanders Panel and The Club Dumas it's taken ten years for this publication to come out. The first dozen pages have me interested, so if there's one book I'll finish before the start of the new semester it's bound to be this one.

« Captain Alatriste, as I was saying, lived by his sword. Until I came into the picture, that "Captain" was more an honorary title than a true rank. His nickname originated one night when, serving as a soldier in the king's wars, he had to cross an icy river with twenty-nine companions and a true captain. Imagine, Viva España and all that, with his sword clenched between his teeth, and in his shirtsleeves to blend into the snow, all to surprise a Hollandish contingent. They were the enemy at the time because they were fighting for independence. In fact, they did win it in the end, but meanwhile we gave them a merry chase. »

Ah, those crazy Habsburgs with their notions of empire-building grandeur. In other news, it's taken most of my vacation but I've finally managed to make plans with other people for the next few days. I never did go to see München with Saeng Min - he was feeling rather sick and we both slept through the morning showing we had planned to attend - so instead I'll be seeing it with Violet on Thursday. She won't let me drive down to Centralia to pick her up, and this despite the fact that her car is just as eccentric as the Peugeot. Oh well; it was worth offering.
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