December 17th, 2006

[ waldo ]

one week in the past, three weeks in the future

Between finals, the weather, conversations with instructors, losing more blood to a hamster, and trips to the airport a lot has been happening recently. Unfortunately, I don't have the time to write about all of it right now, but hopefully there will be time for everything later in the afternoon.

My plans for the break involve trying to get a headstart on my reading for next semester (everyone seems skeptical that this will actually happen), conducting a literature review for a research project next semester (which has nothing to do with mother-infant attachment in céntrafrique), playing a game or two of mahjong, finding a graduate school with a deadline that hasn't already passed (curse you, Berkeley) and attempting a flight up north if my finances allow (unlikely, but you never know).

Any other suggestions for what I should do over the next three weeks?

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[ waldo ]

the dzungarian

Fiona, the black-eyed argente hamster that MK picked out for her birthday, has a habit of using her teeth to explore objects left too close to her cage. At the start of the month she tried to use my index finger as a nibbling stick, and just a few days ago she caught me by surprise during a conversation with MK.

I was standing in the entrance to her room as we were chatting, leaning against the doorframe with my right hand resting over my left elbow. While it felt like I was standing a fair distance away from Fiona, that wasn't actually the case. Fiona reached between the bars, grabbed one of my fingers in her incisors, and pulled me over to her cage. To describe the scene using an analogy, imagine Jaws dragging swimmers into the open sea - never to be heard from again. Alright, that is a moderate exaggeration, but she did get enough purchase to break the skin and make me bleed from the top and bottom of my finger.

I'm taking care of Fiona while MK is home for the winter break; depending on how things go I may only have eight or nine fingers when she gets back.

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