December 12th, 2006

[ waldo ]

pizza the hut

With finals week finally here life has become a little more relaxed - although this is not to say that my Sri Lankan research paper is any closer toward being completed. However, it does mean that one of my flatmates was invited to the end-of-semester Spokane Community College math potluck earlier tonight, with pizza chosen as the primary food. We walked over to the math annex building together and spent some time chatting before the potluck began, and neither of us was all that sure about whether or not it would be appropriate for me to stay and eat with the instructors.

My flatmate taught for Spokane Community College this semester, but the closest I come to that same achievement is spending thirty minutes in one of their classrooms while studying and joking with MK. In the end we never reached a clear-cut decision. I thought it might make my flatmate uncomfortable and left for home, but I found out later that she wouldn't have minded. Now I really wish that I had stayed - not necessarily for the free pizza, but to spend more time with my flatmate before she goes home for the winter break.

Coming home, the first thing to catch my attention after walking through my door was the box of pizza sitting on our kitchen table - bought by our other flatmate. Apparently today was a pizza day and I didn't get the memo (hopefully someone will catch the reference to "Office Space" here). Had I stayed at home there's a decent chance I would have ordered a 'New York Pie' for myself; as it was, a friend bought me a slice of chocolate cheesecake from a local café. I don't think it was enough though, as I have a strong craving for pepperoni and black olives now.