October 30th, 2006

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Ligue 2 | 28 Octobre 2006
FC Gueugnon 0:1 RC Strasbourg

In the time since my last update on the French equivalent of purgatory (Ligue 2) Racing Club de Strasbourg has maintained its position near the top of the league standings since the start of the current season. The club are in third place after the conclusion of the weekend's fixtures, equal on points with second-place Stade Malherbe de Caen after an away win over Gueugnon. I haven't had much time to follow match reviews, but from what I have read the Strasbourgeois have kept their good form from the start of the season - unfortunately, so have Caen and Metz. Fortunately, there are three open spots for promotion; hopefully the Messins and Alsatians remain in two of those positions.

It's nice having a decent defense for a change. Of course, Olympique de Marseille also has this very annoying habit of buying Strasbourg's best players at very inopportune times - say, over the winter mercato. Still, why not celebrate while things are going good?

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