July 30th, 2006

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varangian (color) guard

1,200 Year Old Manuscript Found in Irish Bog

I was at that bog yesterday. Or at least it felt that way given how much water and mud covered the field during our Saturday morning game. The sprinklers must have been going all night, because it really did feel like standing in the middle of a marsh. This also made it a struggle to avoid slipping in the muck, while damp clods of turf went flying whenever a group of players gathered in front of goal - a fairly common occurence during a game of football. I recorded one assist and also had a run where I skipped past three defenders. There may be hope for me yet.

A challenge that always accompanies buying new music is making room in my collection for the pieces once they arrive home. To make matters worse there never seems to be just one album waiting to be filed; my buying habits are rarely so spartan. Most of my morning was spent making room for six albums of diverse styles - everything from traditional music of Vietnam to Spanish rumba and Tajik hip hop. Naturally after getting things neatly ordered by type of music or artists within a genre I then went and bought another release this evening. Oh well; that one's staying out for now.

Continuing with my laundry woes from weeks past the color trolls inhabiting our laundry room have added blue to their previously-displayed repertoire of pink and green. One of my socks looks like it was hit by a paintball of the offending color despite its inclusion in a load of unquestionably white clothing. What next - a replica of the Lithuanian flag in miniature? I'm almost scared to think of what might get thrown my way next.

And some Norse humour for you, hailing from the strip Pearls Before Swine:
pearls before swine
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