June 19th, 2006

[ can you hear me now? ]

if you want blood you've got it

It took longer than expected, but I was finally able to contact my aunt over the weekend. We shared stories from our summer to date, which included her report on the wedding of my other aunt - her sister - at the start of the month. They took a cruise to Mexico and Guatemala for the ceremony, and my aunt seemed quite eager to explain how the latter is the only Anglophone country in Central America despite my protestations that I was already familiar with that information concerning what used to be British Honduras. The thought of holding a wedding on a cruise ship doesn't sound very appealing to me, but I heard that my aunt looked happier than anyone has ever seen her before, which is what really counts.

An extra bonus about talking to my aunt is that she agreed to record the remaining World Cup fixtures for me on her DVD-R player, beginning with a replay of the Italy - USA fixture that saw two goals, three players sent off, and a bloody Brian McBride in the opening 47 minutes. I sent her a schedule of the remaining group games, but as I haven't heard back from her yet I can only hope that she set the timer for yesterday's matches.

Ukraine is playing Saudi Arabia at 8:55 am. I'm awaiting the result with equal measures of trepidation and excitement. For those of you who don't already know, my mother's side of the family is Alsatian but immigrated to the United States from Ukraine. 3a Україна!

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