June 13th, 2006

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on beatings and ringworms

A memorable quote from my conversation with Angela over the weekend ...

« The reason China isn't playing in the World Cup is because we lost to Hong Kong in one of our qualifying games. Hong Kong! That's like beating ourselves! »
* * * *
One of my jobs at the university's Veterinarian Teaching Hospital (VTH) involves taking care of the daily mail and sorting things between three of the buildings here. Earlier today I came across a letter addressed to Central Washington University - a different educational institution than the one I currently attend - and the "K9 Department" in particular. Having no idea where to put the letter I asked one of my colleagues from the business office, who proceeded to tear open the envelope and skim through a few lines to get an idea based on its contents.

« I have a dog and have visited your hospital in the past ... excellent staff ... has a bad case of ringworm. Hmm. Paul, we need to go wash our hands now. »

You know, I'm pretty sure I could live a full and complete life without ever having a ringworm infestation. It's doubtful that any fungus survived the trip through the US Postal Service, but I would rather be safe than sorry and spent a good five minutes scrubbing my hands at the nearest sink. Nice try, fellas, but you'll have to find someone else to be your host. I hope.
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