April 8th, 2006

[ donkey kiss ]

laughter and homework [do not mix]

I'm at the café now, trying to do homework, but despite wearing headphones and having the volume turned up loud enough to drown out the sounds of other customers talking and the background music playing in the café it's close to impossible for me to concentrate on writing my second archaeology lab report due to the piercing laugh of the girl sitting two tables away from me. I don't know what it is in particular, but every time she expresses delight in something it's enough to make me cringe inside. Maybe I'm a jerk for commenting on this, but does anyone else ever hear laughter that they find excessive, unsettling, or obnoxious?

Of course, now that I've gone and written about it her table is getting up to leave. Funny how that works.
hafted bihafted semihafted bark
[arrowheads: hafted | semi-hafted | non-hafted | + random bark ]

The last report I wrote for this class took twenty-two hours to finish. I've barely started and it's due on Monday at 11:00 a.m. My current problem is this - if I spend the same amount of time working on it I may not finish on time, but there's a chance that cutting corners will result in a lower grade, and I'm a big fan of earning full points on assignments. There is also the added difficulty of trying to classify artifacts without any background information, as this isn't anything that we were taught about in class, nor is it mentioned in any detail within our textbook. At least taking geology in community college has made it easier to identify the various types of rock and lithic materials that we uncovered in our square.

I also need to decide on a topic related to North American Native Americans in order to do some research and write a six page paper (due on my birthday), pick an interesting subject from Fast Food Nation to focus on in order to write an 8-10 page paper, and follow up on my term paper proposal by writing another 8-10 page paper on Brasil's interpretation and negotion of TRIPs (intellectual property rights) in relation to HIV/AIDS medication ... which some might consider a form of economic blackmail against drug companies. I'm leaning towards writing about Pacific Coast social complexity for the first paper and the spread of food-borne diseases through either cattle or poultry in the second. Maybe that E. coli lecture I attended earlier in the semester will come in handy now. Or maybe I'll write about chemical additives, to put my copy of The Emperor of Scent to good use. Hmm. I also just realized I have two exams this week. Crikey!

Oh, and Violet invited me over for dinner tomorrow night.
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