April 2nd, 2006

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my own personal bibliothèque

Thank you to everyone who offered their opinion on the titles I'd been considering for my presentation. Inok offered some excellent advice and, after submitting my proposal information, the official title will be "Living in Forgotten Asia" for the fact that (a) it refers to how pastoralists and horticulturalists are often overlooked in today's agricultural & industrial societies and (b) it brings up the point that Siberia and Central Asia are often ignored when it comes to the geography and culture of Asia. Take that, organizers.

I also uploaded a bunch of photographs from the excavation of our archaeology site this afternoon, and one of the extras that was included in the batch was a picture of the book case in my room. I have an additional three boxes of books here in Pullman, as well as another four or five at my parent's house, but I don't really have the room for any more shelving at the moment. Oh well.
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