March 23rd, 2006

[ waldo ]


Our Cultural Ecology papers were handed back during class today. There were a few comments from the professor scattered throughout my paper mentioning the 'good' points within, as well as a brief paragraph on the last page:

This is an outstanding essay. You have done excellent research and integrated it beautifully. You have shown how generalizations fail to explain the unique adaptations of specific groups. Excellent work! Please see my note attached.

Attached to my paper is an information sheet for the Columbia Valley Undergraduate Asian Studies Research Symposium that will be held next month, with representatives from four states invited to attend. Our professor would like to endorse my paper for inclusion in the symposium, which would make me a panel speaker responsible for giving a 20 minute presentation on the findings of my research. You would not believe how excited I am right now ...

I do find it interesting that the list of requirements states, "Papers from all regions of Asia (East Asia, South Asia, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East) and on all topics are encouraged," as neither of the pastoral groups in my paper come from those regions yet both are undeniably from the Asian continent. While it may be true that the odds are against students discussing cultural groups from Siberia or any of the Central Asian Republics it still would have been nice had they recognized either as valid topics for consideration.
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