March 3rd, 2006

[ waldo ]

citrus sinensis moro

It snowed here on Thursday. As I was out walking through the courtyard of an apartment complex a girl from one of my classes - which I had skipped that afternoon - recognized me from the balcony of her apartment and we talked for a while as the sun began to peek out from a sliver in the clouds. It's a shame life isn't always so picturesque.

In addition to that I also underwent the excitement of heart palpitations as my pulse skyrocketed for no apparent reason late in the evening. That wasn't the first time I've had this problem, but they were worse than usual, and required several rounds of drinking water and lying on the floor in an attempt to get my heart going at an appropriate speed once again. The worst part about it all is feeling my heartbeat pounding in my ears for minute after minute until everything goes quiet and I have to wait and hope that my heart starts beating again. Maybe one of these days it won't. And you know, I can't imagine cerebral hypoxia and asphyxia being much fun.

Now I have to reconcile contradictory information related to pastoralism and ungulate snow foraging ...
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