February 26th, 2006

[ waldo ]

floating away

I must have spent close to an hour on the phone with Wendy this morning.

During our conversation we talked about the preparations for dinner tonight, and after we sorted everything out I asked if she really had been serious about going on a date with her boyfriend last night. Her answer? Yes. Wendy said that when she had asked me last Friday about liking her or Violet that was from trying to decide which direction she should take, because another guy had said that he liked her. I was also told that Wendy had liked me for several months, but that she hadn't seen anything that made it seem like I liked her in return. I asked about the two times I had kissed her, and her reply was that she sees friends kiss each other to say "hello" all the time when she's in the southern United States with her sister. She was also disappointed in having waited so long - the other guy is someone that she's only known since the start of the semester and it only took one date for him to ask her to be his girlfriend. As Wendy described it, we have two very different attitudes.

Had I known how she felt I would have said something to Wendy back in September. But then, isn't it always easier to wish you'd done something differently in the past? I can't believe how stupid I am.