February 25th, 2006

[ waldo ]

cupid's been spending time with a poison arrow frog

I'm supposed to have dinner with Violet, Tsukasa, and Wendy tomorrow evening. As we're eating at Wendy's apartment she called last night to see when everyone would be coming over, and she was quite surprised to hear that I hadn't gotten in touch with Violet yet. After explaining some of the events from Thursday to her Wendy offered to cancel dinner if it would make me feel better, but I told her that everything would be okay. The fact that she even thought about it makes me feel really appreciative to have her as a friend. I tried calling Violet again this morning to see if she was still coming, and while she did say she would go it wasn't with the standard enthusiasm that I usually hear from her.

Wendy called me not too long ago to see what I was doing, and when I asked about her own plans she mentioned going out to a movie with a friend. I tried to tease her by asking if she was going with her boyfriend, and she said that was indeed the case. I asked how long they had been dating and her response was that it had already been a week. This wasn't the answer I had expected to hear, so I tried to ask as diplomatically as possible whether she was teasing me or serious in what she had said. Wendy wanted to know why I would ask her a question like that, but telling her that I was curious wasn't enough to have her spill the beans. She told me that simple curiosity wasn't enough to convince her, and my next reason was that it was important to know if she had a boyfriend because it would make me stop giving her kisses if that were the case. Kisses? Still, it wasn't enough to move her.

Wendy sounded like she was in a fairly playful mood, and when she reached the house of her friend I realized that she never actually said whether they were male or female. I pointed that out to her and was told that I could say "hello" to them if I were interested. The idea of talking to a stranger who could be Wendy's new boyfriend was a little unexpected - although if a girl was on the other end it would be an extremely easy way to see if Wendy had been teasing me. Not that I took her up on that offer, much to my regret now.

I'm going to feel really stupid if it turns out that I lost an opportunity with Wendy by spending so much time with Violet - especially considering the odd nature of our relationship at the moment.
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