February 2nd, 2006

[ waldo ]

assignment one: finished

It took a lot longer than I would have liked (mostly from the time it took to wade through an article on osteology) but I finished writing my anthropology paper at two o'clock this morning. I could have written more but decided to cut things off at six pages until I have a better idea of how leniant our instructor is when it comes to page limits. How can you not generate a tome when the prompt is:

Your assignment is to consider the issues raised in these pieces, especially those involving the study, treatment, and repatriation of human remains, and the wider issues of concern in archaeology. This is not simply an issue concerning Native Americans. Is archaeology a discipline whose fundamental approach [is] ethical? What are the concerns of those opposed to archaeological research? What is the history of those concerns? How should the discipline proceed? Discuss the position of those on all sides of the issue and be sure to clearly express your opinion about archaeology, its practices, its role as a science, and its priorities vis-à-vis those with other perspectives and viewpoints. In other words, you are to both note the issues raised by the assigned readings and to react to them by clearly articulating a point of view that states how you feel about the issues.

Six pages is not enough to even scratch the surface; naturally I'm not very pleased with my own fininshed product. Why not just ask students to write a short paper on the entire history of archaeology with particular emphasis on the debates circulating within North American processual circles? I hope the other two assignments we have for the class contain a more limited focus, otherwise my grade is going to fall faster than the London Bridge ...
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night one

Our university here in Pullman holds an event at the beginning of each semester (called "Up All Night") that gives students the opportunity to use the game center for free (which is good if you like billiards or bowling) and some of the student organizations also sponsor events, such as the KSA holding a video game competition last semester or the Taiwanese Student Association providing free bubble tea this semester. The evening's festivities usually start at eight o'clock and things don't wind down until two or three in the morning, which leaves plenty of time to peruse the various areas. I went last semester but hadn't put much thought into going a fortnight ago despite the enticement of free boba for my troubles. However, after receiving a phone call from Violet inviting me to play pool with her and a few friends I changed my tune and headed over to the university campus ...

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