January 14th, 2006

[ waldo ]


While studying last night I finished my cultural ecology reading for the next week and had some fun looking up climax vegetation online. This morning I spent some time with my hissing cockroaches, although I have yet to name either of them yet. The female immediately started eating the piece of banana I put in their container while the male went and hid in the corner; when I tried moving him closer to the banana he started climbing all over the female, which prompted me to shoo him away so she could go back to eating.

In a melodramatic fit he walked over to a bottle cap of water I have in their container for extra moisture and stuck his head inside. Is it possible for a cockroach to be suicidal? Not wanting a dead roach on my hands I picked him up for some coddling, and when I set him back down he crawled into an old yogurt cup with his head poking out from underneath, antennae waggling about every which way. I wonder if it's possible for cockroaches to throw a hissy-fit when they aren't receiving enough attention? Frequent handling will reduce their tendency to hiss, so perhaps they appreciate the increased tactile contact. Maybe I should look into changing my minor to entomology instead of comparative ethnic studies ...

I am once again in the student union building, where a large group of girls just left after spending fifteen minutes engrossed in a rather loud and active conversation. This will probably sound elitist, but there are definitely times when I have trouble recognizing some of the students here as my peers. Being a 25 year old undergraduate student means I'm five, six, or seven years older than most of my classmates - and while that certainly doesn't mean I'm any better than them it does make it a lot harder to relate to people at times.
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